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The history of the project


The basic idea of was born about the year of 2000. The idea was followed by collecting photographs, and seeking for the archives stored independently. After long preparation, administrative and research works of the committed team and a number of expert supporting and assisting the project, the digitization began when the image quality and the resolution of scannersalso applicable for cartographic tasks reached the KODAK’s image quality specially developed for high-quality aerial photography.

The aerial photographs are not only imprints of landscape and built environment andare not only interesting for professionals (there are several aerial maps and photos of historical significance too). The photos record the status of the landscape, therefore, environmental, historical, economic, or even sociological conclusions can be drawn from them.Time-series maps and analyses of processes, changes can be prepared which have become indispensable for development studies. So, the analysis of the past is linked with the futurology.

The regular photographing of the Earth surface has started almost one hundred years ago, which is now the basis for area-based retrospective studies.The invaluable photos preserve such information for us which was impossible to document about any preceding centuries. The digital aerial photograph archive was launched for preservingas many photos as possible and making them available for public within the self-sustaining project.

We recommend our databaserelated website for everyone who is interested in bygone eras and for all researcher interested in changing landscape, buildings, urban structure, waters, vegetations, and land covers. It is also recommended for those who would take a look at their residence decades earlier, and of course, for aerial photography enthusiasts.

Gábor Bakó, March 2012

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