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Information on the Images

Please inform us, if You have any information about an image without known location or date, or if You would like to contribute to the archive and You are able to supplement the image’s data.

Aerial Photo Submission

Through the archive the submission and sale of the self-made or collected aerial photos are feasible.

Digital submission: digital images are acceptable in uncompressed (at least 2500 pixel wide) TIF format. The ownership of the author and the submitting person is guaranteed.

Analogue submission: photos on paper, diapositive, film negative or glass are also acceptable. The digitizations of these are financed by the webshop's revenues. The ownership of the author and the submitting person is guaranteed for the digital version too. The analogue photo will be returned in the submitted conditioninto exclusive property of the submitting person. The digitization is carried outwith maximum 2.8µ resolution.

The inclusion of images depends on the decision of the Archive’s Acting Chief.The images which violate the privacy rights or which are not authorized by the authors cannot be submitted.

Before the submission, please, contact us.

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