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Thousands of high resolution digital aerial images are available in our database since 2013.The user is able to browse familiar places and see how the landscape changed in the last 80 or 30 years. It is also possible to search in the archive images by topic, location, time or author.

Resolution and formats:

The resolution of digitized archive photos is over the highest detail of analogue photos for total quality. Thus the full size digital files might seem blurred in some cases, and the photographs are sharp in slightly smaller image size than the pixel resolution specified in the database. But some visual information reveals at the higher resolution, this is the photo's total value. (Mainly vegetation and land cover change analyzes require the highly detailed digitization.)Images are available as digital TIF format files (the resolution is indicated in the database).

Quality: some of the photos gathered from different collections are damaged, scratched, faded in the long storage and use. The damage types of these not-intact photographs were recorded in the database, and they are classified into different categories.

The classification of the photograph conditions:

Intact: The entire surface of the photograph is intact, there is no irretrievable damage, and the photo is sharp and well-exposed

Surface damage: The surface of the photograph is damag ed, stained or worn

Defective: A part of the photo is torn, broken and lost

Broken: The photograph is torn or broken but the entire surface can be reconstructed

Blurred: The focal length was incorrect or the camera was blurred or shaky

Light: The photo is overexposed

Dark: The photo is underexposed

Restoration, digital cleaning and color correction may be requested for the ordered image/images. Request for corrections:

Terms of Service:

By entering the Interspect Ltd.'s website and / or webshop pages, the User agrees to its terms of use and privacy policies, which can be easily and freely accessed and viewed. By purchasing the images in the Archive, the User supports the maintenance and the expansion of the collection. In the case of purchases, the User also applies to the terms and conditions of Interspect Ltd., including the purchase of thumbnails also.

Terms of Service: Link

Privacy Policy: Link

The images can be purchased for several purposes:

Small distributed printed publication: for printed and press material less than 400 copies

Large distributed printed publication: for printed and press material more than 400 copies

Cover, title page, back cover, and postcards, posters, calendars

Electronic publication including CD, DVD, or web publishing(paid for all started 5000 downloads)

Publication for research purposes

Using in moving pictures or film

In the case of publishing and using the purchased images, the authors and the archives are required to be specified. The information required to this can be found at each image's data: see the Authors and the Copyright owner (for example: Gábor Pócza, FixCam – Interspect Archive). If the purchased image/images is/are not used in the required publication mode, the owners of archives can take legal action under the legal regulations.

The Archive is managed by the Interspect Group.

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